Posted by: oldmedicine | June 16, 2010

Another Resource – The Matriculating Student Questionnaire

Today I completed the AAMC’s Matriculating Student Questionnaire (MSQ).  I thought the survey was interesting – especially the question makeup, it seemed as though a full quarter of the questions dealt with the issue of diversity.  The other 75% dealt with the normal kind of questions you would expect – how many times did you take the MCAT? How did you prepare for the MCAT? Academic questions, personal questions, why you want to go to medical school questions, etc.

Nevertheless, the results of the MSQ for the past three years are available here.  A reminder that this only applies to MD schools – not osteopathic.

Highlights interesting to the non-traditional applicant from the 2009 edition:

  • 78% of the 18,390 matriculating medical students responded to the survey. Most questions, however, were only answered by some fraction other than 78% – i.e. students did not answer all questions.
  • 46.4% of matriculating medical students are entering medical school more than a year after graduating from undergrad.  Of that number (about 6000 or so students) a full 64.5% worked in another career, 15% took premedical courses for the first time, and 4% raised a family. Multiple answers were allowed.
  • Of all medical school applicants, about 10% are married.
  • 62% of matriculants have no undergrad debt, at the same time 62 percent of students plan to pay for medical school primarily with loans (mommy and daddy are out of money).

Overall, there is some interesting, though non-essential information available here.  My advice from previous posts stands – do not get caught up in the education bubble – avoid debt unless absolutely necessary. The fact that sixty some percent of medical school matriculants are taking on debt still does not make it a good idea.


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